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A Collection of Census Data

In this project, I used census data, along with other data that I webscraped or used an API for to build a Power BI dashboard that presented the data.

First, I collected all the data, using a few Python libraries such as pandas and BeautifulSoup. Then I saved the data to an AWS S3 bucket. This GitHub repository contains the python scripts used to extract, transform and load the data into the S3 bucket.

I built an AWS Athena Database with the S3 bucket to organize and relate all the data.

Using the Amazon Athena Power BI connector, I was able to pull the database into Power BI and build a model.

Using this model, I design a dashboard that displayed the collected data

I used this project to learn the basics of AWS S3 management, and Athena database set-up and usage. To that end, I believe I was successful.

Thank you for reading this progression post.

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