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Faith in the Face of Misery

It is interesting to note here that regardless of the lack of involvement, the Elekayli Empire built a religion dedicated to us. Their name literally means 'ele' - here, and 'kayli'-listen in their common language. Listen here. How subtle. Regardless, they built a hierarchy unlike anything I have ever seen. In short, they designated 'Speakers', a group that was responsible for sharing stories with us, for everyone. They decided to outsource their prayers. Unbelievable.

I hate this story. I hate that we are seen as gods. However, it does show how unbreakable faith is sometimes. Here, in the face of misery, for a few, faith still prevailed.

- Listener

"Speak. Share. Shout to the starry sky above you about the experiences, the successes, the hardships that you have faced. The Listeners will listen. They will respond. "

- Ondu Elekayli, First High Speaker of the Empire

Note: This post is under progress, but I thought it would be cool if you could see my writing progression

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